The Macro Method Icon for Application
The Macro Method Icon for Application

Food Labels & Snacking


The above video will walk you through:


Food Labels:

You cannot trust the front of the packaging, you must look at the nutrition label on the back!


Making healthy snacking choices:

Learning to navigate the real world with your choices.


How to put together a healthy snack:

Snacks should contain: Lean Protein, High Fiber Carbs, & Healthy Fats


Choose to watch the video or simply listen to It!

It is important that you watch and/or listen to this video as it will provide you with some key information about how to read food labels, making healthy snacking choices, and creating healthy habits by tying them to existing behaviors.

Below are links to guides that will help you hit your macros and understand what foods are made of: Protein, Carbs, and Fats.


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