The Macro Method Icon for Application
The Macro Method Icon for Application

Using Your Tracker

The above video will walk you through:


Accessing your Macro & Bio Feedback Tracker

How to use the tracker and what you need to complete each week


It will be a good idea to watch this video and not just listen to it!

Step Trackers I Recommend:


  • Fitbit Charge A great inexpensive tracker. This was my first tracker!
  • Garmin Vivoactive If you are looking for more than just step tracking!
  • Apple Watch This is what I currently use, if you have an iPhone I highly recommend the Apple Watch!

Click on the name of each to be able to learn more about them and order yours today!

It is important that you watch and/or listen to this video as it will show you how to use your tracker during this program. It is important that you complete the tracker weekly. The information in the tracker will allow me to answer your questions more easily and provide me with invaluable data about your efforts and how your body is responding!


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