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A Dash of Macros is the #1 Membership site for Healthy & Macro-Friendly Recipes! For anyone who has ever struggled, felt confused, or overwhelmed by all of the different nutrition and weight loss information in the world. Wondering "What should I be eating?" People who are sick of eating the same boring food. Anyone that is too busy and wants recipes or meal plans created for them.

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  • Delicious and Healthy Recipes that you will be excited to eat. I don't believe in eliminating any particular food completely. But, learning to understand the right proportions to properly fuel our bodies.
  • Recipes that are Macro Friendly and provide tips for adjusting each recipe to fit your specific macro goals!
  • Meal Plan Examples, taking all the guesswork out of what to eat to stick to your goals.
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  • Nutritional Education that is EASY to understand.
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  • And so much more!

Are You A Nutritionist or Macro Coach?

  • Are you a Macro Nutrition Coach looking to make some extra money without a lot of effort?
  • Do you have clients asking you for meal plans or recipes but that is not something you offer and you don't really want to get into recipe creation?
  • Would you like to be able to refer your clients somewhere that you know will help them stay on track and help them reach the macros that you have set for them?
  • Do you have clients eating the same handful of recipes all the time and are getting bored with food?


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I have found that our partnership actually helps your clients stay with you longer, see results faster, and learn how to maintain those results.

Together we can help more people reach and maintain their goals!


Why People Love A Dash Of Macros

"Batting a thousand Jenn! I love everything so far! My BF couldn't be happier either, I'm gonna need a 52-week cookbook!"

- Kara W.


I really love having someone tell me what to eat and having it already prepared

- Nina N.


"Thank you for making macros fun! I've been counting for YEARS and cooking lost all of its fun for a while & your recipes are always so good and make me feel good knowing they can fit into my macros"

- Meghann D.


"Your program is exactly what I have been looking for"

- Rebecca S.


"I fed my friend the other day she said the orzo was so good she ate leftovers for breakfast the next morning. I'm pretty sure your my other half's favorite person now too since he gets to eat most of these recipes with me...we both loved the chicken bacon casserole...If I had to pick a favorite I really don't know what it would be everything has been so good!"

- Laura S.


"I love that the workouts are quick and effective!"

- Barbara R.


"I've been following the 28-day program and sticking to both the food and workout...I have had a little wine but not excessive amounts...I lost 2 lbs the first week and I feel so much better...YAY!!!"

- Adrian L.