Affiliate Contract Terms & Conditions

By using the affiliate links provided you are agreeing to the following:

1. Commissions:

Commissions are set at 25% on all digital products and programs.

Commissions will be processed on the first Friday of every month and may take up to 3-5 business days to appear in your account.

The Commission cutoff date is 7 days before the payout date. Any commission earned before that date will appear in your payout list.

The cutoff date of 7 days is because the refund window on any purchase is 7 days. Any purchase made during that 7-day window will appear in the following month's commission.

Payout of commissions will be processed through PayPal. If you registered to become an affiliate with an email address not connected to PayPal, please email Jenn at [email protected] prior to the first Friday of the month.

Should your client purchase a program at a lower price using a coupon code, the commission will be based on the price of the actual sale. Commissions are paid to you on items purchased by visitors who are referred to A Dash of Macros using your specific affiliate links.

2. Currency:

Financial transactions covered by this contract will be processed in the USD currency.

3. All Rights Reserved:

ALL material found on A Dash of Macros sites, Emails, Digital Marketing, Printable Material, PDF's, Photos, may not be cached, duplicated, distributed, reproduced, or otherwise used, except with prior written permission by Jenn, Creator of A Dash of Macros. You may ONLY share content created by A Dash of Macros by using your custom Affiliate Code, you may not make copies, or share PDF's without using the custom Affiliate Code.  Violating this policy could result in legal action.

4. Action Locking:

Your Affiliate codes will be good for as long as you are an affiliate. Once your client has clicked on a link it will be tracked for 180 days from the most recent click. Each time your client clicks a link the 180 day period starts over.

5. Change Notification Period:

The Contract can be changed or canceled with 1 day(s) notification.

6. Supplemental Terms:

You can use the affiliate links supplied to you to generate referrals to A Dash of Macros. Use your creativity and your knowledge of the clients to create marketing that will be most appealing and most likely to invite clicks. The more your links lead to sales, the more money you will earn.

You may create links to A Dash of Macros in the form of banners, textual, individual products, search box, and storefront. You may choose to use one or many of the links I provide.


Please note that if you fail to meet the terms of our agreement, I may remove you at any time. 


If you have any questions you may email me at: [email protected]

Additional Information

Each of my programs provides a little information that will help your clients stick to your macro recommendations. The below statements are pulled directly from the printables of each program. 

If you are working with a Nutrition or Macro Coach you will want to follow the plan closest to their recommendations. From there you will be able to adjust recipes to increase or decrease the protein, carbs, and fats to hit the exact goal they have set for you. These are base plans, giving you room to add your favorite snacks, protein bars, and protein shakes.