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  • Are you a Macro Nutrition Coach or Fitness Instructor?
  • Would you like to make some extra money without a lot of effort?
  • Do you have clients asking you for recipe or meal plans but that is not something you offer and you don't really want to get into recipe creation?
  • Would you like to be able to refer your clients somewhere that you know will help them stay on track and help them reach the macros that you have set for them?
  • Do you have clients eating the same handful of recipes all the time and are getting bored with food?


Then becoming an Affiliate of A Dash of Macros is your answer! 

Hello, my name is Jenn and I am the creator of A Dash of Macros. I count macros, however, I am NOT a Macro Nutrition Coach. While I love counting macros, my passion is in recipe creation, coming up with macro-friendly recipes to help people stick to their macro goals!

I have found that what I offer works hand in hand with what Macro/Nutritional Coaches and Fitness Coaches are building with their clients. You work with your clients one on one, you create their macro strategy, you are the one they check in with on a regular basis, you are their go to. I am the one that provides them with delicious, healthy, macro-friendly recipes that help them stay on track with your coaching, allowing them to feel unrestricted while reaching their macro goals.

I have found that our partnership actually helps your clients stay with you longer, see results faster, and learn how to maintain those results.

Together we can help more people reach and maintain their goals!

If this sounds like something you're interested in, click the button below.

Below that link is more detail about each of my products you'd be able to offer your clients.


PayPal is the preferred commission payment method. If you have a PayPal account, please use the email address connected to your Paypal when registering. This will make future payout of commissions a breeze! 

Here is an outline of everything that you are able to offer your clients as well as commission structure:


Free E-Book of 15 Macro Friendly Recipes: This is free so there is no commission for this.

This FREE E-Book gives your clients and followers a little taste of the recipes created by me. It's free so share it with as many people as you wish, using the custom link you will receive after you have signed up. 

Monthly Membership, $59.99 for the first month and just $18.99 billed monthly:

You will earn 20% commission on every client you refer that signs up, you will receive a monthly commission every month that they remain a member.

This is great for your clients that are eating the same thing all the time to hit their specific macro or calorie goals. This will help them enjoy food more by getting to eat different recipes all the time, while still hitting the macro goals that you may have set for them!

A recipe collection that is so much more than just recipes! Your clients and followers will gain access to:

  • Over 100 Macro-Friendly Recipes, each with tips on how to adjust the protein, carbs, and fats of every recipe so you can hit your specific goals
  • 2-3 New Recipes are created every single week, growing their library of macro-friendly recipes.
  • Custom Meal Planner to help plan out their week, generate shopping lists, and see their macros for each day!
  • Pre-Programmed Meal Plans Don’t feel like creating your own plan every week? Each month I create at least 2 Complete Week Meal Plans, taking planning off their plate for those weeks! And they have access to all the previous meal plans, so they never have to plan again!
  • Nutritional Education: New content created weekly to continue growing their knowledge to living your healthiest life
  • Monthly Members Challenges: Wellness or nutrition-based challenges to help push you to reach your goals
  • Direct Access to Me to ask any questions. You can send them to me to ask any recipe or meal plan-related questions!
  • The first month each member gets a 1-On-1 Consultation with me where we can discuss their goals and I can help give them some guidance on how to make the membership work best for them.
  • They can cancel at ANY time.

4 Week Meal Plan $24.99:

You will earn 20% commission on every sale of this program. This is a one-time purchase, therefore a one-time commission.

This is perfect for a client that doesn't want to put in much effort and doesn't want to commit to a monthly membership but is looking for some new recipes. 

  • 32 Amazing Recipes laid out over 4 weeks: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  • Shopping List included for each week's meal plan
  • Meal plan tips and tricks to make cooking and prepping recipes easy
  • Customizable to their body's specific needs.
    • 1,350 - 1,865 Calories leaving room for their favorite protein shake, snack bar, or to add another meal if their macros call for even more food! Because we know, most people need more food than they have been used to eating, even when trying to lose weight.
    • Each recipe has tips on how to adjust the protein, carbs, and fats of every recipe so you can hit your specific goals.
  • Base meal plans macros are geared towards Weight Loss: 34% Protein | 39% Carbs | 27% Fat


You can decide to share each of these programs with your clients or of course, you can pick and choose which you share with them.


You will also receive special discount coupon codes that you can share with your clients to receive 15% off the one-time purchase, and a code to try the monthly membership for $1 for 14 days. Choose to share these coupon codes with your clients as you see fit!



Additional Information

Each of my programs provides a little information that will help your clients stick to your macro recommendations. The below statements are pulled directly from the printables of each program. 

If you are working with a Nutrition/Macro or Fitness Coach you will want to follow the plan closest to their recommendations. From there you will be able to adjust recipes to increase or decrease the protein, carbs, and fats to hit the exact goal they have set for you. These are base plans, giving you room to add your favorite snacks, protein bars, and protein shakes.