Never Feel Bored with Food & Never Feel Restricted or Deprived Again!

Are you ready to live a healthier lifestyle? Enjoy eating healthy and delicious recipes, be motivated to get moving and working out, read nutritional education and actually be able to understand it? Then a membership with A Dash of Macros is for you!

Forget about complicated diets, stop the Yo-Yo dieting and cut through all the weight-loss fad diets, and learn how to live a HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE!

There are 3 ways for you to join: 

Monthly Membership

Are you someone that enjoys planning out your meals for the week but are looking to get your hands on More Macro-Friendly Recipes? And want to make meal planning easier?


Then this Membership is for you!

ONLY $8.99 a Month, Cancel Anytime

A recipe collection that is so much more than just recipes! You’ll gain access to:


  • Over 100 Macro-Friendly Recipes, each with tips on how to adjust the protein, carbs, and fats of every recipe so you can hit your specific goals
  • 2-3 New Recipes are created every single week, growing your library of macro-friendly recipes.
  • Custom Meal Planner to help plan out your week, generate shopping lists, and see your macros for each day!
  • Pre-Programmed Meal Plans Don’t feel like creating your own plan every week? Each month I create at least 2 Complete Week Meal Plans for you, taking planning off your plate for those weeks! And you have access to all the previous meal plans, so you never have to plan again!
    • Customizable to your Specific Needs!
  • Nutritional Education: New content created weekly to continue growing your knowledge to living your healthiest life
  • Monthly Members Challenges: Nutritional and Fitness orientated.
  • Direct Access to Me to ask any of your food, fitness, and nutritional questions



  • Individual Workout Videos and a step-by-step guide
  • Workout Circuits designed to lose weight and build lean muscle


ONLY $8.99 a Month, Cancel Anytime

4 Week Meal Plan

Are you someone that just wants to be told what to eat? Do you want someone to plan all of your meals for you?


Then this 4 Week Meal Plan is For You!

One-Time Payment: $24.99

  • 32 Amazing Recipes laid out over 4 weeks: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  • Shopping List included for each week's meal plan
  • Meal plan tips and tricks to make cooking and prepping recipes easy
  • Customizable to your body's specific needs.
    • 1,350 - 1,865 Calories leaving room for your favorite protein shake or snack bar!
  • Base meal plans macros are geared towards Weight Loss: 34% Protein | 39% Carbs | 27% Fat
  • A Nutritional Calculator that will help you better understand exactly what your body needs

Do you count macros? Not to worry, I give tips on how to adjust every single recipe to fit your personal macro needs! Need more protein, more carbs, less fat...Not to worry I have you covered!

One-Time Payment: $24.99

28 Day-Kick Start Weight Loss & Nutritional Program

No CLUE where to start with Food or Workout? Do you want someone to tell you what to eat and what workouts to do?


Then this 28 Day-kick Start Program is For You!

One-Time Payment: $59.99

  • Includes EVERYTHING in the 4-Week Meal Plan & more:
  • Includes a 28 Day Workout Guide that provides you with the exact workouts you should be doing on what days. As well as what you should be doing on your rest days.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions and Videos for every workout, as well as details on how to adjust the workouts based on your fitness level.
  • Nutritional Education breaking down how the program works in a way that makes sense. Removing any confusion you might have about weight loss.

One-Time Payment: $59.99

Why Busy Women Love A Dash of Macros

"Batting a thousand Jenn! I love everything so far! My BF couldn't be happier either, I'm gonna need a 52 week cookbook!"

- Kara W.

"I love that the workouts are quick and effective!"

- Barbara R.

"I've been following the 28 day program and sticking to both the food and workout...I have had a little wine but not excessive amounts...I love 2 lbs the first week and I feel so much better...YAY!!!"

- Adrian L.

"I really love having someone tell me what to eat and having it already prepared"

- Nina N.

"I fed my friend the other day she said the orzo was so good she ate leftovers for breakfast the next morning. I'm pretty sure your my other half's favorite person now too since he gets to eat most of these recipes with me...we both loved the chicken bacon casserole...If I had to pick a favorite I really don't know what it would be everything has been so good!"

- Laura S.

It's Time to Finally Lose those Unwanted Pounds & Take Action to Live a Healthier Lifestyle!

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