Progressive Home Edition


Progressive Home Edition

12-Week Strength Training Program


Over 30 Muscle Building Workouts:

This 12-Week Program includes 4-5 Strength Training days and 1-2 Cardio Core days, with 1 day of Rest.

The strength training days are focused on building those strong lean muscles. These workouts will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

The cardio core days are focused on getting your body moving and building that 6 pack you've always wanted! The cardio portion of the workout will take about 25 minutes and the core workout will take about 10 minutes.

This 12-week program is designed for "progressive overload' which means you'll be tracking your reps, sets, and time under tension each week, with the goal of increasing your resistance week over week.

One more rep, One more pound, One more second under tension each week!