The MACRO Method, 4 Month Group Coaching

You will NOT be charged anything until February 26th, 2023

Immediately following the checkout of this program you will be given a complete outline of the program, next steps, dates of group coaching calls, and so much more!

$1199 Price Normal Rate

As of Sunday, February 26th, you will gain access to: 

Me, Jenn, Your Macro Guru! You will receive an email from me with access to

The MACRO Method homepage!

Your first video lesson walking you through your week of observation! 

And within 24 hours you will have access to your personal tracker! 

Including Access To:

The Complete Libary of Delicious, Healthy Recipes 

All of the Pre-Programmed Meal Plans

You Will Unlock:

The Collection Of Video Podcasts for The Program

All of Your Bonuses:

Protein Cheat Sheet

What To Eat To Hit Your Macros

Printable Pantry Checklist

Printable Meal Planning Guide