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FREE 5-Day Challenge #SteppingIntoSummer

Join me for 5-Days where I will kickstart your MOTIVATION and get you CONSISTENT with getting more movement in your day! You'll be on your way to TONER LEGS, a TIGHTER BOOTY, INCREASED ENERGY, BURNING MORE CALORIES, and LIVING A LONGER LIFE!


You'll learn EASY TIPS for increasing your movement WITHOUT ADDING MORE TIME TO YOUR DAY! 


Getting the body you want doesn't need to involve expensive gym memberships, fancy equipment, or complicated exercises.

It can be as simple as walking! 

    This is for you if...

    You thrive during challenges!

    You need someone to motivate you, to tell you to get off your ass and move! 

    Don't have time or hate the gym but you want to lose weight and live a healthier life!

    You know movement is important and you want easy ways to increase your activity!


    Challenge Begins, Monday, June 6th!


    Movement...Steps are just one part of building your foundation of health. 

    My signature B.R.I.CK. Formula gives you the building blocks so that you can easily implement my rinse-and-repeat strategy and build your Foundation of Healthy Habits. MASTER the essentials of nutrition and taking care of your body, while losing a few pounds, experiencing more energy, and sleep better! 

    • Do you find it's hard to lose weight?
    • Don't have the energy you used to?
    • Are you moody?
    • Do you feel like your metabolism has slowed down?
    • Are you forgetful?
    • Maybe you're not sleeping well at night?

    All of this is your body telling you you're not getting enough movement.

    The B.R.I.C.K. Formula will break down the non-negotiable habits, getting you consistent with the foundation of your health, getting enough movement, eating better, and improving your rest while also seeing physique changes!

    By the end of the 5 days, you will have MASTERED one habit of my B.R.I.C.K Formula and I GUARANTEE you will have More Energy throughout the day, you will Sleep Better, you'll be on your way to Losing Weight, and you'll be Motivated to place your next brick in your foundation of health and fitness journey.  

    Last Day to Register is: Saturday, June 4, 2022


    To help keep you committed to walking more throughout your day, join my Stepping Into Summer 5 Day Challenge!

    As a way to ensure your success every person who joins the challenge will receive:

    • Access to my closed Facebook community where you will be motivated, inspired, and encouraged to step up your step game!
    • 5 Days of Free Access to my client-only portal ($199 Value) filled with:
      • Dozens of Nutritional Education posts, allowing you to learn more about creating healthy habits to reach your goals.
      • OVER 150 simple and delicious recipes!
      • Meal Plans, making eating healthy easy

    ...Just for participating! This is a no-brainer ladies!



    1st Prize: FREE Access to my Foundation Program ($299 Value). The program starts on June 20th!

    2nd Prize: My favorite protein powder ($60 Value)

    3rd Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

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    I'm Jenn and I'll be your Movement Guru Throughout This Challenge! 

    I really enjoyed this program a lot. I learned a lot and I will continue following this because I felt good. I was able to lose a few lbs. thanks

    Susana O.

    Jenn, I loved all the daily prompts and your willingness to meet and talk with us over zoom. The tips and tricks your provided were super helpful. I think this is a great introduction to your program and how these little tweaks will help you lose weight and sustain it in the long run.

    Salma M.

    Thanks so much Jenn. Have really enjoyed the wealth of knowledge you have provided over the week. Your advice has been great and am so thankful to have found your program.

    Jasmine N.

    A million thanks doesn't begin to cover it! I so appreciate your offering this challenge which for me was a 5 Day New Beginning! I have gained a bevy of knowledge, understanding and hope. I believe everything happens for a reason and I found you/your challenge just when I was about to give up hope.

    Thalia R.


    The challenge starts on Monday, June 6th, with a LIVE KICKOFF call on Sunday, June 5th to review the goals of the challenge, to get everyone pumped up, and ready to start off on the right foot! 

    During this challenge, you will work directly with me to learn the 5 Foundational Habits of my Signature B.R.I.C.K. Formula and specifically, I'll be sharing one non-negotiable brick (the K) and getting you consistent with this first habit to help Increase your energy, burn more calories, and extend your life, while also seeing physique changes within the 5 days!

    Over the course of 5 days, I'll be sharing via a combination of live video, podcasts, PDF's and insights in our closed private community.

    I know you are busy so I'm going to make this as EASY as possible for you. All you have to do is: Walk, Share, and then Win Prizes for doing the thing you already want to be doing! Easy as that! 

    I know you're busy! I know you don't want ONE MORE THING to pay attention to, buuuut the whole point of this challenge is to make things EASIER on you as a whole--I mean, imagine having more energy, sleeping better, and actually working on yourself/on your goals without having to spend hours in the gym. You'll achieve all that and more, over the course of 5 days.

    AND I'll be providing a rinse-and-repeat formula for you to walk away with after the 5 days is over! Leave with a plan you can sustainably implement.



      Creating the Foundation of sustainable habits one B.R.I.C.K at a time!

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      You need 2 things: Your beautiful self and a step tracker.

      The best step trackers are: Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Garmin Watch, but any tracker will work!

      If you don't have a step tracker you can use your phone if you have a step-tracking app. However, it is important to know that your phone is going to be the least accurate and you have to remember to have it with you at all times. 

      The Kickoff call will be 30 minutes or less. The daily lessons are super quick, 5 minutes or less!

      I know you are busy so I am jumping right to it with the kickoff call and the daily lessons!

      Super simple, easy to implement, and takes little to no time! 

      I want you to increase your activity, but at your own pace. We should be active every day with a goal of no less than 3.5 hours per week. But this can easily be broken up into 10 minutes of activity throughout the day! I will be providing very simple tricks to increase your steps during this challenge! 

      Anyone and everyone! You don't have to do this challenge alone, do it with your significant other, your kids, a friend, anyone! But the only people eligible for the prizes will be the people who officially register for the challenge! So be sure to share the registration page with your friends! 

      While Facebook is not a requirement, it is where everyone will be sharing their wins for the day, it is where I will be providing most of the guidance, and where you will be motivated to keep moving! So if you have Facebook, you should absolutely join the group!

      However, if you do not have Facebook, I will be sending out daily emails with my prompts to get you moving, so you can still participate in the challenge.


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