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I would love to hear from you! Sharing your story, questions, and feedback with others inspires them to continue on their goal of living a healthier lifestyle, to push harder towards their goal of weight loss, and to build lean muscle. It also helps motivate me to keep creating amazing recipes, workouts, and nutritional education for you! Please feel free to share the good the bad and the ugly, I want to hear it all!

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Products I Personally Use & Recommend


Everything below are products that I personally use and are brands I trust. I'm willing to put my stamp of approval on and recommend them to you, knowing that you will love any or all of these products as much as I do!


You are not required to purchase on of this equipment, protein shakes, or protein powders. This page is simply to provide you with easy links to products that I personal LOVE!

Body Rock Dumbbells Code BR10 for 10% Off
FITFORT Resistance Fitness Bands
Gymenist Rubber Medicine Ball
Pido Yoga Mat
Nicewell Food Scale
Renpho Body Fat Smart Scale

The below protein shakes are the exact shakes that I drink every single day. All of the flavors are delicious. I am a chocolate lover, and the chocolate one is my FAVORITE...I could drink it every day and never drink another flavor. These are the protein shakes that I recommend in the meal plan exampls. These are mea replacement shakes therefore they are perfect right after your workouts! These are not the protein powders I cook with unless I state otherwise in the recipe. Recipe that include protein powders I am using the IsoPure powers as those contain zero carbs. 

Chocolate IsaLean Protein Shake
Mint Choco IsaLean Protein Shake
French Vanilla Protein Shake
Strawberry IsaLean Protein Shake

The below protein powders are what I cook with. I have found that these mix very well with other ingredients, and they also have zero carbs, therefore they are a true protein powder. They also taste delicious on their own as a protein shake. However, this is not the meal replacement shake I have in the meal plan examples. 

IsoPre unflavored Protein Powder
IsoPre Chocolate Protein Powder
IsoPre Vanilla Protein Powder

Whether to you are looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle, maintain your current physique, or just looking to improve your overall health, nutrition/fuel for your body Is key! 

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

AFFILIATES DISCLAIMER: Our Website may contain links to affiliate websites. When and if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase through that link, we will receive commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate website using such links. Purchases you make through our affiliate links are at no additional cost to you. This means you will pay the same price for the purchase as everyone else.

Here at A Dash of Macros, LLC, we like to be completely transparent with our viewers and readers. For that purpose, here is a complete list of our affiliates: Amazon Kaliwonder, Sur La Table, Body Rock


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