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A Dash of Macros

Monthly Membership

Hey! Jenn here, the creator of A Dash of Macros!


I have been exactly where you are, struggling to lose the unwanted weight. Struggling to find anything that actually works to lose the weight and keep it off. Trying to fight the aging process, while watching my metabolism slow down, my love handles and lower midsection expand.


I have tried all those fad diets and tested all of the different nutrition approaches. From Low Carb to Low Fat, Keto to Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting to Intuitive Eating, and everything in between.


If you have ever tried any of these restrictive diets before, you understand how hard they can be to follow, how restrictive they can be, and how much time and energy they take. Leaving you feeling hungry, deprived, irritable, and lacking energy. Making them impossible to stick with.

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If you somehow stuck to those diets and lost the weight, you eventually put that weight back on. Why? Because they are fad diets, they are not a sustainable lifestyle. They are a quick fix but don't withstand our busy lives.


That is exactly why I created A Dash of Macros. To share with you healthy DELICIOUS recipes to help you reach your personal goals. To fuel your body with the nutrition it needs. And to share my love of fitness with the world to keep you from getting bored with your food or fitness every again.

A Dash of Macros

Monthly Membership

Proven Results

When I took these photos I never in a million years thought I was going to be posting them on the internet for the world to see. However, since I lost the weight about 5 years ago I have been able to keep it off and have been sharing my workouts and recipes with others.

Now it's time for you to join me all of the other women who have already signed up for my monthly membership and have seen AMAZING results!

Before & After Photos Taken 4 Months Apart, Down 32 Pounds

Before and After Collage

A Dash of Macros

Monthly Membership

It's Time To Finally Lose Those Unwanted Pounds

Time to Take Action and Live a Healthier Lifestyle!

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