Plank Dumbbell Crossover

Plank Dumbbell Crossover, this is one of my all time favorite core exercises. The added dumbbell movement to the plank really gets your abs and obliques burning!

Plank Dumbbell Crossover Modifications

Based on your Fitness Level

  • Beginner: Skip the pull thru and simply do a15-30 second plank hold, once you can hold a plank for 30 seconds add the dumbbell to complete the pull through
  • Intermediate & Expert: Using a heavy dumbbell

  1. Place a dumbbell on the ground.
  2. Get down into a plank position on your hands so that the dumbbell is arm’s length away on your right side and in line with the center of your stomach.
  3. Reaching under your stomach, grab the dumbbell with your left hand, and pull it under you and placing on the ground in the same position on your left side (arms distance away, in line with the center of your stomach), then returning to the plank position.

That is one rep. Now use your right hand to grab the dumbbell and do the same thing in the opposite direction. Complete the number of recommended reps.

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