A 12-Week Progressive Strength Training program designed to help ladies Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscles, get that LEAN-TONED Physique, and even lose a few inches!

More Muscle. More Strength. Less Fat!

This program is going to create REAL results - Including only the most effective and efficient exercises: Weight-Training with just the right amount of conditioning cardio, with the added focus on core strength! Everything you need to create the body you want! 

This is for you if...

You're working out but you're not seeing the results of all your hard work

You want to decrease body fat and increase muscle

You want to improve performance and strength


More Muscle. More Strength. Less Fat

That Lean-Toned Physique You WANT!


I've been there, over-exercising, excessive dieting, restricting foods, doing endless cardio, only to NOT get the results that I wanted. With all of that effort, I still had the extra 5-10 pounds of fat around my mid-section and butt, I didn't seem any closer to being able to see that toned definition I was looking for, and honestly, I felt like nothing would work!


It turns out doing MORE is not always a good thing! When I stopped following random workouts, when I stopped over-exercising, when I stopped starving my body, that is when I started seeing the results I was looking for.

Focusing on Progressive Strength Training geared toward my goals to get that lean, toned, strong body that I wanted!


This is the exact format and exercises that I have followed and many of my clients have followed to get the results you want!

What's Included

Over 30 Muscle Building Workouts:

This 12-Week Program includes 4-5 Strength Training days and 1-2 Cardio Core days, with 1 day of Rest.

The strength training days are focused on building those strong lean muscles. These workouts will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

The cardio core days are focused on getting your body moving and building that 6 pack you've always wanted! The cardio portion of the workout will take about 25 minutes and the core workout will take about 10 minutes.

This 12-week program is designed for "progressive overload' which means you'll be tracking your reps, sets, and time under tension each week, with the goal of increasing your resistance week over week.

One more rep, One more pound, One more second under tension each week! 

Videos of Each Workout:

Each workout includes a video demonstrating the movement so that you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. 

The videos are easy to access simply by clicking on the name of any workout within the program which will automatically open up YouTube taking you directly to a quick video demonstrating the workout.


Suggested Calendar to Follow:

This program requires a 4-6 days per week commitment. I know we all have busy schedules which is why I have made this a flexible program! If you are able to get all 6 workouts in for the week, then great! But if you are too busy to get all 6 workouts in, I provide you with the details on how to adjust the program down to only 4 days when you have those busy weeks and you will still be able to get the results you are looking for.

Progressive overload programs stick to similar workouts from week to week. This will allow you to track your progress, see your strength gains, and really see those changes in your body over a period of time.

But it doesn't end, at the end of these 12 weeks. From there you can keep going. Starting back at the beginning and putting the program on repeat. Sticking to this strength training program, continuing to push yourself week after week, tracking your progress, and continuing to see those changes in your body! 

Two Options to Choose From

Progressive, Home Edition:

Don't have access to a gym or don't enjoy working out at a gym, I've got you covered! However, you will still need a few pieces of equipment for the at-home edition. Progressive overload with bodyweight alone is not enough. 

You will need:

All of which I provide my recommendations for within the program.

Progressive, Gym Edition:

If you have a gym membership, your gym is going to have the majority of the equipment that you will need. However, there are a few things that I do recommend you have of your own. Some gyms have these but it's nice to have to not have to find them at the gym or wait for someone else to finish using them.  

You will need:

All of which I provide my recommendations for within the program, in the event you don't already have these. 

Hey! I’m Jenn,

Creator of Progressive and founder of A Dash of Macros and I am so glad you're here!

Over the last 10+ years, I have tried it all from kickboxing, to CrossFit, to long-duration cardio, cycling class, yoga, but nothing has helped me transform my body more than Weight Training....specifically Progressive Overload.

Not only has progressive overload proven to be the most impactful in my overall body composition, but it has helped me turn back time (Almost 40 over here). My skin looks better, everything is tighter, almost all my cellulite is gone, I have never felt better, stronger, healthier, and my mental focus is on point!

Weight training (heavy and progressive) is the only exercise that helps you burn more calories long after the workout is complete, boosts your metabolism, and helps us age better, with fewer aches, pains, and stronger bones/muscles/joints!

It's truly the best exercise for your body and I am so excited for you to begin my Progressive program!


I'm Jenn and I'll be your Progressive Guru! 

The workouts were fun, challenging, diverse, difficult... all of the above. Because the workouts were so great, there were many times during the program I would stand in front of the mirror at the gym, working with dumbells, and thinking "HOLY CRAP, I have never looked hotter in my life" "I can't believe I'm lifting these heavy dumbells and I am lean and fit but not bulky!" I saw a major change in every part of my body. The stubborn lower back fat faded after only 4-6 weeks, my arms got SO toned, my butt got rounder and firmer and tighter, also lifted. My thigh gap incresed, my abs got tighter, I could see the change in every part of my body.

Beck W.

I was able to increase the weight on a couple of exercises, and I bought a size smaller in jeans!!

Michelle A.

Really enjoying these workouts. Feeling strong and great at the gym.

Salma M..


Build Muscle, Build Strength, with Less Fat! Get that Lean-Toned Body You Want!


This program is provided in a PDF E-Book Version as well as an Excel version so that you can easily work with whichever version is best for you! Access both versions from your phone, keep track of your progress wherever you go!


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