Fitness and Nutrition Programs to help you live a healthier life, reach your weight loss and body composition goals, and learn how to sustain your results! 

Work With Me!

Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Progressive Strength Training Program

Designed to help ladies Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, and get the STRONG TONED BODY YOU WANT!

More Muscle, More Strength, Less Fat, and Boosted Metabolism!

  • The Most Effective and Efficient workouts are geared toward burning fat and building lean muscle
  • Videos for every workout
  • Suggested calendar to follow with tips to adjust to your schedule
  • Ability to track your progress: Sets, Reps, and amount of Weight for every workout so that you can always be progressing!

Not only has progressive overload proven to be the most impactful in overall body composition, but it can help turn back time. Your skin will look better, everything will be tighter, you can reduce cellulite, you'll feel better, stronger, healthier, and your mental focus will be on point!


Nutrition Evaluation

A ONE Time 45-60 minute call with me Jenn, Your Macro Guru.

To help you identify what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right! Leaving you with a personalized action plan to finally achieve your goals!

Custom Macros, Sample Meal Plan, Training & Movement Targets!

  • Custom Macros, designed for you, your body, and your goals! ($150 Value)
  • Sample Meal Plan & Grocery List ($100 Value)
  • Meal & Nutrient Timing ($25 Value)
  • Training & Movement Frequency Targets ($25 Value)
  • Supplement Suggestions
  • Time to answer all of your questions! (PRICELESS)

During this call, we will do a deep dive into how you're currently fueling your body and discuss your personal goals! We will identify ways that you can improve upon what you're already doing, so that will allow you to stop spinning your wheels, and finally, reach your goals!

You'll be able to enjoy the food you love, without feeling restricted, and knowing that you are properly fueling your body for your goals, while also boosting your metabolism!

Self-Paced Macro Nutrition Program

A 4-Month Nutrition Strategy Program designed for ladies who are READY to STOP Struggling with their Fat Loss and LOSE THE LAST 10-20 Pounds!

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to lose body fatbuild lean muscle, and learn how to maintain your results!
  • You're tired of fad diets!
  • Frustrated, thinking your metabolism is broken, that you are too old to get the body you want!
  • Thinking your body doesn't respond to eating right and exercising the way it used to.
  • Feel like you are doing all of the right things and nothing is working!
  • You're DONE FEELING DEFEATED with those last 10-20 lbs!


  • You don't want to feel restricted, you want to enjoy the foods you love, while also loving your body!
  • This is for you if you are ready now and you don't want to wait until my next group coaching starts. Or maybe you're just not a fan of group coaching!



My 5-Week Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle Accelerator


Master the foundation of your nutrition while losing weight, increasing your energy, sleeping more soundly, and easily making better nutrition choices, all without the STRESS of trying to follow a strict diet!


The 5-Week self-paced course is specifically designed to help women create consistency around the REAL DIAL MOVERS, and learn what actually works!

    • Ditch fad diets


    • Break old habits of restriction


    • Remove the feeling that specific foods are completely off-limits


    • Stop eating healthy all week only to toss the diet out the window come the weekend.



Work toward your goals and live a longer, stronger, healthier life, while learning the right way, the healthy way, a SUSTAINABLE way!


4-Week Customizable Meal Plan

    • 32 Amazing Recipes laid out over 4 weeks: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks


    • Shopping List included for each week's meal plan


    • Meal plan tips and tricks to make cooking and prepping recipes easy


    • Customizable to your body's specific needs.


    • 1,350 - 1,865 Calories


    • Base meal plans macros are geared toward Weight Loss: 34% Protein | 39% Carbs | 27% Fat


    • Nutritional Calculator that will help you better understand exactly what your body needs


Food is the most important fuel you can feed your body no matter what your goal is:

Lose Weight, Building Muscle, or Maintain Current Weight. This is where meal planning helps you stick to your goals!