The Incredible Benefits of Journaling

The Incredible Benefits of Journaling
The Incredible Benefits of Journaling

Do You Know The Incredible Benefits Of Journaling?

If you are someone who journals you absolutely know the incredible benefits of journaling. It took a LONG time for me to make time for journaling. If you’re anything like me, there just isn’t enough time in a day, so why would we take even 5 minutes to sit down and write?

Well, let me tell you…OMG, it is amazing! It’s an outlet, it’s you time, it’s a place where you can really feel your emotions, it’s a space to be vulnerable, it’s a place to just get it out. Sometimes we worry about things we can’t control and just taking a moment to write them down, to physically seeing them is enough to stop the worry!

Even More Than Being An Outlet, There Are Some Truly Incredible Benefits Of Journaling!

Journaling offers both physical and emotional benefits that go far beyond what you can imagine, it is more than just an outlet. Journaling can boost your IQ, ease anxiety, help you reach your goals, and improve your memory!

Here are some of the Incredible benefits of journaling.

1. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

This to me is probably the most important one. With our lives pulling us in a million directions, with not having enough time in a day. Between work, home, family, kids, and pets who can’t manage it all without the feeling of stress and anxiety?

Journaling allows you to work through those feelings before they take control of you. Writing down how you’re feeling, what is bothering you, the worst-case scenarios, you gain a more realistic perspective on the situation.

Getting your thoughts and feelings out on paper helps to identify what is causing the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. You begin to notice your triggers and are able to make positive changes to lessen and even prevent some of these feelings.

2. Helps To Push You Towards Your Goals

When you write a goal down it gives a greater sense of commitment, versus just saying it. When you write down your goals you are more likely to achieve them.

Writing down your goals better helps you to identify what it is you truly want, and enables you to figure out the roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching those goals.

It also helps you to layout a plan, the steps to reach that goal.

3. Journaling Can Improve Your Mood And Reduce Symptoms Of Depression

Writing helps to calm and clear your mind, allowing you to identify what is really bothering you. This helps to lift your spirits while taking the load off and improve your mood.

Journaling allows you to express gratitude and notice when things are going well, no matter how big or small they are. It helps to take stock in all the good that is going on in your life, which helps you to more easily let go of the not-so-great or negative.

4. Can Help You Solve Problems

When you write down your problems, you are able to see if there are any consistent patterns in your life, something that is causing those problems. This allows you to identify the root of the problem and begin to make changes to rectify them.

Writing about your emotions helps you become self-aware. It lets you process what you are going through to work through those high emotions, to look at situations that are causing you problems more objectively.

5. Journaling Improves Your Memory

Studies have proven that students who take notes during class retain information better Simply writing it down will help engrain it into your memory making it easier to remember!

The act of writing by hand puts what you are writing to the forefront of your mind and allows you to process that information on a deeper level. When you are writing your brain knows that it should be focusing.

6. Improves Your Communication Skills

By writing how you are feeling about your emotions, the thoughts running around in your head, it allows you to better put to words these thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This will then lead to you having a better ability to speak and express yourself during stressful and/or difficult moments in life.

The more aware you become of yourself the more you can make yourself understood to others.

7. Journaling Can Help You Get A Better Nights Sleep

If you are like me, you might find it hard to shut your brain down at the end of the night, thinking about the events of the day, or what is on your list for the following day, week, month, or year. Thinking about a project that is due, or a conversation you need to have.

By writing those thoughts down before going to bed you are able to let them go and tuck them away for the night so that you are able to focus on the rest that you need to deal with those situations another day.

These are just some of the ways that journaling can help to improve your life, I could go on for day, but I will stick with my top 7 above!

“Once You Stop Rushing Through Life, You’ll Be Amazed How Much More Life You Have To Live!“

But What To Write About?

Knowing where to begin can be hard, you can stare at a page for hours wondering what to write. For this I have a few recommendations:

  1. If you have never journaled before I highly recommend getting a journal with daily or weekly prompts. These prompts will help you focus on something specific and will help the words flow from your pen.
  2. Start with the positive, think of 1-3 three things that you are grateful for. These can be anything, the fact that you are a human, that you have 2 legs and feet, the gift of sight, you can go as big or as small as you want for the things that you are grateful for. Starting small will help you get started.
  3. Think about your day, was there something that went really well or really bad that you want to reflect on?
  4. Did you get a compliment from someone? Write it down, how did it make you feel?
  5. Is there something that has been on your mind that you just want to get off your chest?
  6. Maybe you have a difficult conversation that you need to have, but you are not sure exactly how to have it. Writing down your feelings and focusing on what you want to come of that conversation can be extremely beneficial.
  7. Bucket list topics are always a great way to get started with journaling. Writing down as many bucket list items as you can, will help you start thinking about what you need to do to do those things. It will get the ball rolling.
  8. Goals are another amazing way to start journaling. Writing down your goals in life, writing down what you need to do or change to reach those goals is also a great way to really dive deep into what you want from life.

The Thing To Always Remember: Your Journal Is For You And Only You. Be 100% Honest And Truthful With Yourself. You Do NOT Need To Put On A Brave Face Or Impress Anyone. Your Journal Never Needs To Be Shared With Anyone If You Never Want It To Be.

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What is the best Way to Start Journaling?

If you have never journaled before I highly recommend getting a journal with daily or weekly prompts. These prompts will help you focus on something specific and will help the words flow from your pen.

What are the Benefits of Journaling?

• Reduces Stress and Anxiety
• Helps to Push you Towards your Goals
• Can Improve your Mood and Reduce Depression
• Helps to Solve Problems
• Improves your Memory
• Journaling can Improve your Communication Skills
• Get a Better Nights Sleep

What can I write About?

• Goals
• Feelings
• Successes
• Failures
• Bucket List Items

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