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The Macro Method teaches you how to Create SUSTAINABLE Healthy Habits. To REACH & MAINTAIN your RESULTS!

The Macro Method

A 4 Month Nutrition & Fitness Program with me

Jenn, Your Macro Guru

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The Macro Method teaches you how to


The Macro Method

A 4 Month Nutrition and Fitness Coaching Program with me

Jenn, Your Macro Guru

This is for you if...

You're ready to lose body fat, build lean muscle, and learn how to maintain your results!


You're tired of fad diets!


Frustrated, thinking your metabolism is broken, that you are too old to get the body you want! Thinking your body doesn't respond to eating right and exercise the way it used to. Feeling like you are doing all of the right things and nothing is working!


You're DONE FEELING DEFEATED with those last 10-20 lbs!


You don't want to feel restricted, you want to enjoy the foods you love, while also loving your body!

You're Eager

To create small sustainable healthy habits, for BIG change, without hours of cardio!


To reach your goals by following a scientifically proven process combining nutrition, fitness, and education in a way that guarantees you reach your goals and understand how to maintain them for a lifetime! 

The Macro Method

A 4 Month Premium Nutrition and Fitness Coaching Progam with me

Jenn, Your Macro Guru

The Macro Method

The Macro Method provides the Nutrition and Fitness Program Customized to your Specific Goals. As well as weekly lessons, and premium coaching to:

1 Nutrition
2 Fitness
3. Sustabable a

The Macro Method program will teach you how to properly nourish your body for your personal goals, no matter how small or how ambitious they might be!


This is NOT another Quick fix 30-Day Crash diet that leaves you feeling deprived, irritable, and unsure how to maintain those results.


You will utilize a Nutrition Strategy complete with Customized Macros specific to you and your goals, in conjunction with a Training Program that is aligned with your abilities and objective! 


No foods are off-limits! I don't believe in the complete restriction of any food! But you will learn how to eat them in moderation so that you can enjoy the foods you love and love your body at the same time! 

This is how I've Transformed my body, finally shedding the last 20 lbs and kept them off for over 5 years!


Your Meal Plans are Exactly What I Have Been Looking For!.

- Jody P.


I just Signed Up for Your Membership and Both My Husband and I Loving Your Recipes!

- Tine B.


Thank You For Making Macros Fun! I've Been Counting For Years and Cooking Lost All of It's Fun For a While and Your Recipes are Always So Good and Make Me Feel Good Knowing They Can Fit Into My Macros!

- Meghann D.


Beef Taco Salad is CRAZY GOOD! Eating Meals Like That Makes It A Lot Easier For Sure! My Subpar Chicken and Broccoli Doesn't Even Belong in The Same Category!

- Paul W.


This program has taught me how to eat like a human. I now see I have been eating like a rabbit for 40 years! Not only am I eating more, but I am losing weight, I am seeing positive change in my body, my energy, and my mindset around food! This is the best I have ever felt...and I am eating way more food than I have ever eaten! 

- Stephanie B. 

What you can expect from the program:

Customized Macro Plan:

There are a million calculators out there, but none of them are truly custom to you: To your body, to your goals, or to your activity. I will create a custom macro plan and tracker that is completely custom to you!


Personalized Training Program:

I will create a fitness program specifically for you. We will discuss your goals, your access to equipment or a gym, and we will talk about any physical limitations you may have. Then I will build out a training program that is best for you. 


If you love your current program, no problem, I may suggest some additional exercises to add to your current routine that will help you reach your goals even more efficiently.


Weekly Lessons:

Because the goal is to not just follow a program but to learn why you are doing what you are doing, so you can maintain your results for a lifetime, and you can continue to push your results beyond this program.


Every Sunday you will receive a new video podcast. Each lesson is around 15 minutes long and will teach you everything from basic nutrition knowledge (What are macros and which is the most important?, What is the value of the 80/20 rule?, Meal timing & Protein synthesis,) to addressing mindset around (Eating out, Alcohol, the Scale) and so much more!


1-On-1 Coaching & Accountability Updates:

With me Jenn, Your Macro Guru. I do not source out coaches to take on my clients, I only take on the number of clients I can personally serve. When my schedule is full I close my program availability until I have space available.


24/6 Access For Questions Related to the Program, Nutrition, or Fitness:

Your goals are my goals and I want to make sure that all of your questions are answered. You have complete access to me via email, and can message me as often as you need to and I will respond as quickly as possible to get your questions addressed.


I completely disconnect on Saturdays, we all need our rest days! This is why 24/6 access instead of 24/7.  



Access to a growing library of more than 150 healthy delicious recipe

Dozens of pre-programmed meal plans

What to eat to hit your macros guide

Printable meal planning tool

Protein cheat sheet

Access to the program content for life

Dozens of nutritional education posts

Monthly challenges

Nourish Your Body Fuel Your Goals
Nourish Your Body Fuel Your Goals
Nourish Your Body Fuel Your Goals

Do you struggle with:

Weight loss, bouncing from one diet to another, never achieving your goal?


Reaching your goals, but unable to keep the weight off and maintain your results?


Those last 10-20 pounds being absolutely impossible to get rid of or do they keep coming back? 


Not seeing the results from all the hard work you put in at the gym?


Do you feel like you are eating all the right foods and you are still not seeing results? 

Typically the problem is any combination of: 

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Random efforts this far may have allowed you to lose some weight, but it hasn't allowed you to reach your goals or understand how to maintain them.


To lose your unwanted fat, to build lean muscle, and to maintain those results requires a strategic plan. The plan must include a specific focus both in the kitchen and in the gym. The specific focus will enable you to finally reach your goals and understand how to maintain them for a lifetime. 

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I've been there! Struggling to reach my goals, hitting a plateau, giving up, only to start over again. feeling deprived of food!

While counting macros I finally figured it out! I have always loved cooking, so...I put together everything that I learned while counting macros, working with fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, and getting my Certification to become a Nutrition Coach into my program; The Macro Method, as well as all of my recipes, and meal plan creations!

Many nutritionists only provide coaching, but that is where I am very different. With me, you get the coaching and guidance as well as the recipes that will keep you excited to hit your macros and stay on track. 

After years of maintaining my goals, and helping women just like you reach their goals. I have proven that this works and Is absolutely sustainable. You will no longer feel deprived. You will learn how to properly fuel your body while enjoying foods you love. You will reach your goals and understand how to maintain your results. You will learn to make small sustainable healthy choices that create big change! 

I want to share all of my experience, guidance, recipes, meal plans, and education with you! I would love to be your Macro Guru!

Jenn, Your Macro Guru

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I am Jenn, your Macro Guru, and coach. I am the only coach, I do not outsource any of my coaching. You will work with me personally.

I will be the one to create your custom macros and tracker, as well as program all of your workouts, the one that will hold you accountable, and me on all your 1-1 calls! 

You will also have 24/6 access (I disconnect on Saturdays, we all need a rest day!) to send me emails throughout the program to ask any questions that you might have! 

There are 2 options for my program:

  1. The Premium Self-Study Program
    • You'll have 2, 1:1 calls
  2. Accountability 1-On-1 Program
    • You'll have weekly touchpoints, rotating between 1:1 calls and emails. 

Some people need that weekly accountability and others are able to get the information and run with it on their own. I created both options so that you can choose which works best for you! 

Yes, I will program workouts specific to your goals. During our initial call, we will discuss what you have been doing, what access to fitness equipment or gym you have, as well as any physical limitations you might have. From there I create a custom fitness program specific to you, your goals, and your capabilities. 

I love that you already have a fitness program that is working for you! We can discuss what you are doing and I may make recommendations as to what you might adjust or add to your program to truly maximize your results and get you the body you desire in the most efficient and effective way possible! 

YES! You will gain access to all of my recipes and meal plans. During our call, we can pick out several that I think will work great for you in reaching your goal! I will show you around my site and help you understand how to select recipes that will work best for your macros!

Yes, absolutely! I was just on the phone with a client the other day and she asked me this very question. Her daughter is picky and her husband is a vegetarian. 

You'll gain access to hundreds of healthy tasty recipes. I told her she is bound to find plenty that she and her daughter will both like. For her husband, I let her know that she can cook the meat in all of my recipes separately, portion out his serving before adding any meat into the rest of the recipe. 

It is super simple to take 1 recipe and make a few minor modifications to accommodate others in your home! 

Also, you can easily adjust the serving size for every single one of my recipes online! 

The weekly lessons are around 15 minutes. To update your tracker weekly will take about 10 minutes. And your check-ins with me are 45 minutes. In total about 1-1.5 hours per week! 

The more you give this program and me, the more you will get out of it!

You by no means need to be perfect, but if you can aim to hit your targets at least 80% of the time you will see results. 

I will teach you how to enjoy events, take vacations, eat out, and still stay focused on your goals while allowing yourself to have a good time, and not feel restricted. 

The key is balance and the 80/20 rule we will be covering in one of the weekly lessons and throughout the program. 

Self Study Pricing

4 Monthly Payments of $192

1 Time Discounted Payment of $697

1:1 Coaching Pricing

4 Monthly Payments of $439

1 Time Discounted Payment of $1,597

Are you ready and interested but you're just not sure?

Let's jump on a discovery call! I would love to chat with you to learn more about you and your goals. We can get to know each other a little, decided if we are the right fit to work together, and decide which program, the Self-Study or the Accountability coaching would work better for you! There will be zero pressure on this call, we will simply chat and let the conversation lead us in the right direction.

Click the link below to complete a quick application, then from there, you will be able to immediately book your call with me!

Immediately Gain Access To:

Me, Jenn, Your Macro Guru! Within minutes of signing up, you will receive an email from me with access to The Macro Method homepage!

A link to book your first 1-On-1 Strategy Call

Your first video lesson walking you through your week of observation! 

And within 24 hours you will have access to your personal tracker! 

Including Access To:

The Complete Libary of Delicious, Healthy Recipes 

All of the Pre-Programmed Meal Plans

You Will Unlock:

The Collection Of Video Podcasts for The Program

All of Your Bonuses:

Protein Cheat Sheet

What To Eat To Hit Your Macros

Printable Pantry Checklist

Printable Meal Planning Guide

Satisfaction Guaranteed


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