Monthly Member Challenge!

May's Challenge!

This month we are going to focus on the stressors on our body and mind!

Most of my ladies are doers, we want to GET SHIT DONE! But with that we tend to push ourselves, we don't give ourselves time for breaks, we just keep pushing each and every day. But did you know that taking regular breaks can actually make you more productive? In fact strategically scheduling breaks will allow you to get more done in a day!


Every 90-120 minutes I want you to take a break, stop what you are doing and do something different, something for you that takes you away from the project that you are working on. But not another work project or something else that has a deadline that you have to get done...go do something specifically for you.

What are some of the things that you can do?  

  • Go for a walk
  • Listen to music
  • Meditate
  • Sit and just be with your breath
  • Phone a friend or family member
  • Leave your office and walk around, mingle with your co-workers
  • Listen to a podcast episode
  • Go play with your pets or kids
  • Talk to your partner

Whatever you do it should be a stress reducer, something that you don't HAVE to get done! Something that you want to do, something that brings you joy, and happiness.


Goal: Over the next 31 days, I want you to schedule and actually take 10 minutes breaks every 90-120 minutes

What will this achieve?

  • This will give you a reset, it will allow you to blow off some steam and come back to the project that you were working on with a fresh set of eyes and more energy.

No matter how busy you think you are take the break! The energy that you get from these breaks will actually allow you to get more done in the following 90-120 minutes than you would have gotten done had you not taken the break and you will feel more fulfilled doing that project, with your work, and your life!

Learning to live a healthier lifestyle together, never getting bored with our food, while reaching our goals!